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Why Replace your Conservatory Roof?

Over the years we have heard a wide and varied number of reasons why people wish to change their traditional polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof for a solid insulated system. Predominantly though the main reason is that after a number of years of having traditional conservatory with a polycarbonate or glass roof the realisation is that the space is unusable for most of the year. In the summer months the temperature can become unbearably hot to sit in with it being too cold during the winter months (which to be fair, in the UK we have more of our fair share of!) and costly to heat. Added to both these facts it is also often noted that rain noise during the rainy months (again we have our share of these too!) can be an issue. The only real viable solutions are to knock the conservatory down and re-build an extension in its place, or simply just use the conservatory when optimum temperature.

replacement conservatory roof

By installing a Polar insulated conservatory roof you can solve all of these issues due to the unique composition of the system (see illustration below). We completely rip the roof off to the tops of the existing window frames and replace with a new lightweight extruded aluminium framework. Incorporating 150mm of insulation creates a U-Value of 0.18 which is more insulated than most new build properties and the tiled exterior come in a range of colours and style enabling a perfect finish in keeping with your property. Internally once the ceiling has been plastered by our skilled plastering team, the result is a room that can be used all year round as it maintains a cool temperature in the summer months but retains heat fantastically well in the winter. In some cases customers have seen a reduction around 30% in the cost of heating.

In addition to the exterior tile finishes we also finish the exterior with a soffit and fascia detail to match in with the property along with the added option of installing Velux windows. Internally once the plaster has dried all you need to do is paint it and hey presto you have a summer / garden room. At the same time most customers opt to have LED spot lights installed by our fully accredited electrical department.

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