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How to Maintain Security in a Conservatory

Conservatories have become more and more popular, and rightly so. Not only can they add much-needed living space, they’ll also, if fitted properly, boost the value of your home a great deal, signifying a real investment opportunity. Nevertheless, you may not be the only ones who see opportunity in your conservatory.

It’s a known fact that a house burglary happens every minute in the United Kingdom. For burglars, conservatories often represent the perfect opportunity of gaining easy access to your home. However, in the tiny minority of occasions where thieves have targeted conservatories, it’s typically been down to poor, cheap structure.

Conservatory doors and windows are normally constructed from timber, aluminium or PVC-U, all of which make an enormous difference to the overall security of your home.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of homeowners have minimal expertise or experience when it comes to conservatory construction and count on their contractor and installers for help.

In truth, there’s no reason why your conservatory should be any less safe than any other part of your home, so long as you follow some simple steps.

Toughened Glass

Firstly, if your conservatory has a glass roof, make sure the glass has been toughened. As well as making it ultra secure, toughened glass represents an important security measure and you can be confident the roof can endure the elements in addition to any possible burglars.

Conservatory Window Security

With regards to the rest of the glass, it’s vital that each and every window has internal beading. External beading, on the other hand, offers little security and just invites would-be intruders to remove the beading and then the glass itself. For further protection, ask for laminated safety glass on the inner pane of the sealed units.

Aside from selecting the right glass and beading, you should also ensure the windows are fitted with a shoot locking device. This handy mechanism drives two or more bolts into receptors of the window frame meaning there’s no chance of a thief removing the window – the only way a burglar could get in is by smashing it. Furthermore, you can help to stop theft by choosing purposely designed force-resistant hinges for the windows and the doors of your conservatory.

Conservatory Door Security

When it comes to doors, it’s essential they’re secure too. Bi-fold doors are becoming increasingly popular choices on conservatories. The most secure bi-fold doors will come with a high quality locking system and a hidden, inline tracking system, both of which combine to render it hopeless for a crook to lift the doors out of place. Doors such as those made by the leading Rockdoor range are arguably the best and most secure doors around and come complete with a lifespan that surpasses any other doors on the market.

Conservatory Security Locks

Similarly to a front door, your conservatory needs the same security considerations. Thankfully, there’s a broad range of locking systems on hand for your conservatory and your selected installer will happily supply you with a variety of high security locks.

Other Considerations

Aside from decking out your conservatory with appropriate doors and windows, for extra security, it’s a good idea to consider extending the house alarm into the conservatory. As long as the overall safety of your conservatory meets the above standards, there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from your new living space in the knowledge it will in no way be compromising the security of your home.

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