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Gable End Style

A gable end style conservatory is built on the same base as a traditional Edwardian conservatory, however instead of the traditional hipped or sloping conservatory roof it has an ‘up and over’ style roof. This can be beneficial for 2 reasons, primarily due to the sunburst frame it allows more natural light through along with giving a loftier roof space within the conservatory.

When changing the roof on your gable conservatory, in some cases the style can be changed to an Edwardian style roof and vice versa. Either way due to the square or rectangular base, they lend themselves very well to the re-arrangement of furniture.

If you are considering changing your conservatory roof for a SupaLite tiled roof, speak to one of our experts to understand what is achievable on your conservatory as no two conservatories are the same.

As with all Polar installations of the SupaLite conservatory roof system, you have a choice of Metrotile or Tapco tile finish both available in a range of colours to suit your property.

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