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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you change any style of conservatory roof?

A: In most cases, yes we can. However it is always best to check with one of our experts.

Q: Can I change the style of my roof when converting to a SupaLite conservatory roof?

A: In some cases it is possible, for example if you have a Lean-to, Gable or Edwardian style conservatory. However as above, it is worth contacting our head office to discuss your requirements.

Q: Will I lose a lot of light if I upgrade my conservatory roof to a solid insulated system?

A: In short you will lose a little light. How much depends on what your existing roof is made of. In virtually most cases though, you are still left with a room with walls of glass that still allow a lot of natural light through.

Q: How long will it take to convert my conservatory?

A: It is totally dependent on the size and complexity of your conservatory roof. However in most cases the installation process takes around 3 days.

Q: Do you use sub-contractors?

A: No we do not. All staff are employed by Polar. Doing it this way we keep complete control over the project along with maintaining our very high standards of installation.

Q: Will it actually make my conservatory useable all year round?

A: Categorically yes! We install hundreds of conservatory roofs every year and have exemplary feedback, both in terms of installation and application. As above, speak to one of our experts who will be more than happy to share some of our customer testimonials with you.

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