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WarmCore Bi-fold Doors

Polar Home are pleased to introduce WarmCore, and innovative bi-folding door system which has been detail designed in every aspect to deliver a new high performance fenestration framing solution ‘warm aluminium’.

At the heart of WarmCore is the thermal core, which significantly outperforms other products on the market, reducing the threat of aluminium doors bringing the cold in. As with our tiled conservatory roof product, WarmCore offers an unrivalled U-value or 1.5 with standard double glazing or 1.0 is achievable with 44mm triple glazing, giving further advantage over other products that are struggling to meet ever tightening building regulations.

Not only does WarmCore achieve superior thermal performance, the precison manufacturing and high quality surface finish ensures they look fantastic too! WarmCore utilises a composite of materials to ensure its energy efficiency and also recyclable, this combined with structural integrity and design elegance makes WarmCore the perfect product for any application.

For more information on WarmCore please contact one of our dedicated team today or alternatively to book a design consultation please complete the form to the left.

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